Hunter Burgan

Hunter is a multi-faceted artist who lives in Los Angeles. His disciplines include: musician, producer, painter, cartoonist and author.

Hunter plays bass in AFI and other groups as well. He also plays a gang of other instruments and sings (both high and low.) He's been doing this music thing for a while, but according to him, "It never gets old." 

Hunter is a music producer.

Hunter grew up in a small town in Northern California called Grass Valley, where there was not much to do—without being creative. One time he smoked Nerds™, but nothing happened. 

Hunter is a really good driver, but he's not perfect. He's been in a few accidents, but only one was his fault.

Hunter is the author of the critically praised book, SUCCESS!?. He would like you to do yourself a favor and buy a copy if you haven't already. "Thanks in advance" is what he would say if he were the one writing this. 

Hunter is a cat person. Not a literal half-man, half-cat hybrid, just a guy who prefers cats. Although the picture to the left (or above if you're viewing this on a mobile device) might suggest that Hunter is a half-man, half-gorilla hybrid, this would be another incorrect assumption. He's just a guy. Maybe a "half-man, half-another man hybrid", but definitely nothing with animals involved.

Hunter draws a weekly web comic called Cat With Matches that you can find right here on his website.

Hunter likes to spend his free time painting. According to, that makes him a painter. His work has shown at various galleries throughout America.

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